MUFG Global Markets Podcast

Contextualising the messages from CERAWeek

  • By Ehsan Khoman
  • Mar 22, 2024
  • Commodities Energy Oil Gas ESG EnergyTransition

For the uninitiated, CERAWeek is arguably one of the most important annual events in the energy calendar. Under the theme of a “multidimensional energy transition”, the energy community is deliberating how best to navigate the “energy trilemma” of (i) affordability; (ii) security; and (iii) sustainability, in harnessing a just-and-orderly transition to net zero. Ehsan Khoman, Head of Research – Commodities, ESG and Emerging Markets (EMEA), contextualises the key messages of what transpired behind the scenes in Houston which mattered just as much as what got said on stage.

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